Riso Valezus printer products in white and grey color


Production Printing Solution

The RISO VALEZUS T2100 high-speed duplexing cut-sheet inkjet device can achieve up to 320 color impressions per minute, with full VDP capability.

An ideal solution for high-volume transactional printing as an affordable entry into production inkjet color or as a reprint, short-run, or backup solution for larger print facilities.

Two-Sided, Full Color Output

The VALEZUS T2100 utilizes twin cut sheet inkjet printer engines, creating a system where both sides of the duplex document are printed in a single pass. RISO’s patented FORCEJET™ Technology and a unique five-color ink matrix delivers an exceptional grayscale print quality, truer reproduction of flesh tones, and denser blacks. The T2100 produces crisp, high-quality VDP output at high speed.

FORCEJET™ Technology

Stable paper feeding ensures the reliable performance necessary for high-speed printing. Paper-feed speed is intelligently controlled, according to how much ink is emitted from the print head. Multiple sensors help ensure high levels of reliability. Instant-drying ink complements the high-speed, duplex printing capability. This specially developed, oil-based ink is also fade-resistant and water-resistant and minimizes paper curling.

Minimal Space Requirements

The VALEZUS T2100’s compact design makes it one of the smallest production inkjet printers on the market, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming building modifications.


The VALEZUS T2100 uses a fraction of the energy of any comparable speed cut-sheet inkjet press. The heatless imaging process requires no additional cooling process or air conditioning minimizing utility costs.